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Resolve "Add a automatically generated changelog to our git"

This adds automatically updated to the project. The mechanism uses GitLabs build in changelog mechanism and is triggered when a release tag is added to git.

We have an automatically generated changelog in the repository file This changelog is produced from commit messages and to maintain this file, you need to write commit messages accordingly.

To trigger a changelog entry, your commit needs to end with a so called git trailer called Changelog. A typical commit message for a changelog entry should look like this:

A brief one line title of the change.

A longer *markdown* formatted description of the change. Keep in mind that gitlab
will automatically link the changelog entry with this commit and a respective merge
requests. You do not need to manually link to any gitlab resources.

This could span multiple paragraphs. However, keep it short. Documentation should
go into the actual documentation, but you should mention breaks in backward compatibility,
deprecation of features, etc.

Changelog: Fixed

The trailer value (Fixed in the example) has to be one of the following values:

  • Fixed, for bugfixes.
  • Added, for new features.
  • Changed, for general improvements, e.g. updated documentation, refactoring, improving performance, etc.

These categories are consistent with ([]. For more information about the changelog generation read the gitlab documentation.

Closes #1223 (closed)

Edited by Markus Scheidgen

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