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Integrated Pipeline: refactored logging end-to-end tests, now use an extra log...

Integrated Pipeline: refactored logging end-to-end tests, now use an extra log appender to a ByteArrayOutputStream
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package eu.nomad_lab.integrated_pipeline_end_to_end_tests
import eu.nomad_lab.integrated_pipeline_tests.helpers.LoggingTestBase
import org.scalatest.{ FutureOutcome, fixture }
trait LoggingTestAsyncWrapper extends fixture.AsyncWordSpec with LoggingTestBase {
override protected[this] val appenderName: String = "ParsingModule-EndToEndTests"
def withFixture(test: OneArgAsyncTest): FutureOutcome = {
val logMessages = addAppender()
complete {
} lastly {
package eu.nomad_lab.integrated_pipeline_end_to_end_tests
import eu.nomad_lab.TreeType
import eu.nomad_lab.integrated_pipeline.{ Main, OutputType }
import org.scalatest.{ AsyncWordSpec, Matchers }
import eu.nomad_lab.integrated_pipeline_tests.{ EndToEnd, PendingEndToEnd }
import scala.util.Properties
import org.scalatest.Matchers
* This Test Suite contains the End-to-End tests for the Integrated Pipeline that are not yet
......@@ -16,21 +12,16 @@ import scala.util.Properties
* These tests validate some basic assumptions on the generated output, but the queries made are
* simple enough to assume that the tests are independent of the parser versions.
class UnderDevelopment extends AsyncWordSpec with Matchers {
class UnderDevelopment extends LoggingTestAsyncWrapper with Matchers {
"The Integrated Pipeline" when {
"invoked in console mode" should {
"skip parse requests for non-existent file tree and log a warning" taggedAs (EndToEnd, PendingEndToEnd) in {
"skip parse requests for non-existent file tree and log a warning" taggedAs (EndToEnd, PendingEndToEnd) in { log =>
val f = new NonExistingTreeFixture(TreeType.Directory, OutputType.Json)
val output = new ByteArrayOutputStream()
Console.withOut(output) {
val finished = Main.mainWithFuture(f.generateConsoleArgumentList(Some(info))) { _ =>
//TODO: is it worth the effort to have a streaming implementation here?
val lines = output.toString.split(Properties.lineSeparator)
atLeast(1, lines) should (include("purely-imaginary") and include("not exist")
and include("skipping file tree"))
val finished = Main.mainWithFuture(f.generateConsoleArgumentList(Some(info))) { _ =>
atLeast(1, log.getLogMessages()) should (include("purely-imaginary")
and include("not exist") and include("skipping file tree"))
package eu.nomad_lab
import java.nio.file.{ Path, Paths }
import java.nio.file.Path
import eu.nomad_lab.JsonSupport.formats
import eu.nomad_lab.TreeType.TreeType
package eu.nomad_lab.integrated_pipeline_tests.helpers
import{ ByteArrayOutputStream, OutputStream }
import org.apache.logging.log4j.core.LoggerContext
import org.apache.logging.log4j.core.appender.OutputStreamAppender
import org.apache.logging.log4j.core.layout.PatternLayout
import scala.util.Properties
* Helper trait for testing log4j2 based logging implementations, the functions provided here can
* be used to append the logged messages to a ByteArray for inspection after the test code ran.
* This is an isolated trait because we have to provide this functionality both for synchronous
* and asynchronous ScalaTest suites.
trait LoggingTestBase {
//TODO: consider a streaming implementation if the logging volume becomes significant
type FixtureParam = LoggingOutput
protected[this] val appenderName: String
def addAppender(): LoggingOutput = {
val rawBytes = new ByteArrayOutputStream()
val context = LoggerContext.getContext(false)
val config = context.getConfiguration
val layout = PatternLayout.newBuilder().withPattern("%d{HH:mm:ss.SSS} %-5level - %msg%n").build()
val appender = OutputStreamAppender.createAppender(layout, null, rawBytes, appenderName, false, true)
val loggerConfig = config.getLoggerConfig("eu.nomad_lab")
val (level, filter) = (null, null)
loggerConfig.addAppender(appender, level, filter)
new LoggingOutput(rawBytes)
def purgeConfiguration(): Unit = {
val context = LoggerContext.getContext(false)
class LoggingOutput(private val byteStream: ByteArrayOutputStream) {
def getLogMessages(): Seq[String] = {
val output = byteStream.toString
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