Commit 99c8c95d authored by Rosendo Valero Montero's avatar Rosendo Valero Montero
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Improved parsing of general system features in Gaussian output

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Subproject commit ba15c871e34f64a80019e2e57c2be73d75a165be
Subproject commit db4099c8ec086be47db41480d129838fc4ffaee7
Subproject commit 31a3846d78e2c7ae02330d2d5bd617fc8e24363f
Subproject commit 14b8e5d38ba40f3f83823b6d59bfb811c4867c81
Subproject commit 9a72490b5d9f52c0adc997ef45a83800f15969db
Subproject commit e109bb9800882b19370cf39155a71da8c79b0634
Subproject commit 141302308ed6ad7b457bae0e7fc760e4da54fe19
Subproject commit 193e5aa704ec7ad48153118c2753dbbe957131b9
Subproject commit 296d2b42810221ba4a7732198fb5208b95bb3ffb
Subproject commit b9b78ed7179b89bccd4d8ca1e3eb553f6d98bba4
git clone --recursive
git submodule foreach git checkout master
pip install -r nomad-lab-base/python-common/requirements.txt
git submodule foreach git pull --rebase
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