Commit 4113d9cb authored by Berk Onat's avatar Berk Onat
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Adding OpenKIM to parsers with its meta_info to nomad_meta_info.

parent 86f6389f
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......@@ -238,3 +238,6 @@
[submodule "container-manager"]
path = container-manager
url = ../container-manager
[submodule "parsers/openkim"]
path = parsers/openkim
url = ../parser-openkim.git
Subproject commit 67d2990d41236714eecd46cc4c4b424096fb83b8
Subproject commit a81d71f6ba14faf1e9cab3f302247ce71586d315
Subproject commit 5dadf385b7da8d9b77321c768c7ff0bd5767c376
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