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Resolve "Arbitrary quantities in ES"

Markus Scheidgen requested to merge 1097-arbitrary-quantities-in-es into develop

Closes #1097 (closed)


This is the implementation so far:

  • all quantities below the data section that are string, float, int, date, or enums and have a scalar shape are add to and indexed in metadata.searchable_quantities
  • There is a special filter menu for those "custom" quantities.
  • In this menu you can create a long AND of criteria. This could be extended to support ORs and NOTs.
  • For each criteria, you can select from all the available quantities found in NOMAD's data. Currently this is a select and should be extended into an autocomplete. The quantities are select by their "path", i.e. position in the data
  • For each criteria there might be operators (<,>, >=, <=) to select from. Operators depend on the selected quantity and its type.
  • For each criteria there is a value to enter. We reuse the edit quantity components here. It might look different based on the quantity type.
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