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Improved preview

David Sikter requested to merge improve-preview into v1.1.0

Some minor fixes and improvements of the file browser and preview functionality:

  • the FilePreview component is moved to a separate file
  • code is refactored by introducing viewer objects, one for each file type we support. The viewer object stores constant information, like matching file extensions, maxSizeAutoPreview etc, plus a render function.
  • a viewer is introduced for json files (the same viewer used elsewhere).
  • txt, yaml and yml files are automatically previewed with the text viewer
  • error handling is added. If the viewer fails, we show a message and offers the user to view the file using the text viewer instead.
  • optimizing the vertical file browser api calls, using the include_entry_info option instead of making a costly second api call.
  • Highlighting the current entry mainfile

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