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Draft: remove owner key from the query

Lauri Himanen requested to merge encyclopedia-cleanup into master
  • All the functionality of the EncyclopediaNormalizer is now integrated into ResultsNormalizer.
  • Updated materia to support visualizing 2D and 1D cells that may have zero-length basis vectors. With this update, the overview page now also shows the conventional/primitive cell for 1D and 2D systems.
  • Fixed issue with the ordering of basis vectors for conventional/primitive 1D and 2D structures. Now the order is fixed so that the periodic bases always come first.
  • Migrated into, and together with a few new tests.
  • Removed the Encyclopedia GUI image dependency and docker build phase.
  • Removed most Encyclopedia related config from nginx, helm and The only remaining config is encyclopediaEnabled, which activates/deactivates links to the material search and material-related links.
  • Fixed issue where the optional nmd-prefixed Optimade data was not accepting data with unit information (ureg.Quantity) and was failiing when trying to serialize data set to None.

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