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MaterialCard improvements

Lauri Himanen requested to merge material_card into v1.0.0
  • Neẃ improved MaterialCard shown in the overview page, broken down into four sections:

    • Composition: formula, elements, material name, etc. Always shown.
    • Symmetry: all symmetry related properties. Shown only if symmetry data is available (bulk materials), otherwise showing NoData.
    • Lattice parameters: Lattice parameters for the currently selected structure. Shown only if data is available (materials with atomic structure and unit cell present), otherwise showing NoData.
    • Structure: Shows the 3D viewer for the currently selected structure. Shown only if data is available (materials with atomic structure), otherwise showing NoData.

    This layout should accommodate all types of data: simulations with/without symmetry or lattices and experimental data which typically has only composition. If there are any structures present, there is a dropdown selector in the top right corner for selecting which one is shown (affects Structure and Lattice parameters).

  • Improved and extended tests: I created proper tests for MaterialCard and greatly simplified the GUI test setup and usage in general.

  • Added angles as a new unit in the GUI (needed by angles used in lattice parameters).

  • Homogenized the look of tables containing data from metainfo (e.g. Symmmetry/Composition/LatticeConstants are now shown within a table, bulk/shear modulus and band gaps are shown within a table. The new look adds thin borders around the tables to make it easier to recognize where the contents start/end. This was especially a problem in the new MaterialCard where without the borders the different sections are harder to distinguish.

@mscheidg: I'm open to any suggestions for modifying the new look. I can make the changes before merging.


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