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Materials Search

Lauri Himanen requested to merge search-material into v1.0.0

Implemented materials search using the new search interface, the new materials API and using the new materials index (nomad_materials_v1). Major changes include:

  • The "Explore/Material Encyclopedia" menu link now opens the search page for materials.
  • Added some missing search filters (vibrational properties)
  • Added the "Restricted search"-option for materials search. It is now enabled by default and operates like in the old Encyclopedia.
  • Refactored the search context in a way that search filters do not have to correspond to concrete metainfo values anymore (e.g. restricted search, exclusive elements search and visibility do not correspond to metainfo values but still affect the API calls and need to be serialized in the query string.)
  • Bugfixes in the material indexing
  • Now materials index is updated automatically when a calculation is processed. TODO: the materials index is still not completely synced with all entry operations: e.g. deleting an upload does not update the materials index, etc. This is tracked in a separate issue: #592 (closed)
  • Fixes in the materials API related to fetching nested properties
  • Refactored the result listsinto two new components (SearchResultsEntries.js and SearchResultsMaterials.js) in preparation for the new Table component.

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