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Refactored search interface code

Lauri Himanen requested to merge search-refactor into v1.0.0

Refactored search interface code:

  • New folder layout, improved filenames. Created new subfolders: input, menus and results. Renamed files so that the functionality can better be guessed by simply looking at the file name.
  • Created custom components for FilterMenu and items in it (see search/menus/FilterMenu.js). This greatly simplified the layout of search/menus/FilterMainMenu.js making the addition of new menu items a breeze. These new components are structured very similarly to how MaterialUI deals with Tabs.
  • Added new "Access" menu and InputRadio component. Here one can control the visibility of the calculations (controls the owner parameter in API calls.)
  • Refactored the Actions -component.
  • Several small performance tweaks.

With this refactoring done, I will continue integrating the new search interface to Uploads/Datasets and removing the old search code.

@mscheidg: can you check that the new folder layout and filenames make sense?

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