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Structure.js component

Lauri Himanen requested to merge encyclopedia-gui-integration into v1.0.0

I created a React Structure.js component that supports viewing atomistic structures. It is now initially integrated into the ArchiveBrowser where it will show the structure for any section_system below the title.

You can check it in action at the development cluster, e.g. here In the context of the ArchiveBrowser the viewer tries to intelligently load new data:

  • There is only one shared instance of StructureViewer object from the materia-library.
  • If a new structure is loaded from the same archive, only the positions are updated. This is much faster than reloading the entire structure and should be a valid assumption since the number of atoms or their species should not change within an archive.
  • If more than 300 atoms (this is configurable) are present, the visualization is disabled and a message is displayed.
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