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Generate gui artifacts at application start

Markus Scheidgen requested to merge 1008-plugin-mechanism into develop

Is part of #1008 (closed)

This removes the gui artifacts from the gui build. The artifacts are loaded from the application and therefore depend on the application configuration and not the current build. This should allow us to load plugins at application start that influence the gui artifacts.

It consolidates all gui artifacts into a single gui/publi/artifacts.js. Now there is only artifacts.js and env.js. Both can be generated with nomad dev gui-artifacts and nomad dev gui-config for the development GUI. For the production UI both files are generated by the NOMAD backend on request.

It removes the generated artifacts from the GIT again. We now only have a smaller version of artifacts.js needed for the tests that is part of the git (based on a test nomad.yaml similar to the test env.js).

  • pass pipeline
  • test with oasis deployment
  • test with kubernetes deployment
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