Commit 71417ce0 authored by Marcel Henrik Schubert's avatar Marcel Henrik Schubert
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fixed path error

parent 6e0db1ba
......@@ -36,7 +36,7 @@ import seaborn as sns # data visualization library
# In[2]:
path = '/draco/ptmp/mschuber/PAN/Data/pan19-celebrity-profiling-training-dataset-2019-01-31/stratified_subsample/'
savedir = '/draco/ptmp/mschuber/Data/results/'
savedir = '/draco/ptmp/mschuber/PAN/Data/results/'
#path = '../Data/pan19-celebrity-profiling-training-dataset-2019-01-31/stratified_subsample/'
subana_l = ['org/', 'min_tweets_1000/', 'complete_balance/']
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