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# exciting-parser
## Main file
The main file is INFO.OUT. The parsing starts from this one and it fails if it is not present.
## Other files coming from a ground-state calculation
The following files must be in the same folder as INFO.OUT:
* dos.xml: density of states.
* bandstructure.xml: band structure.
* FERMISURF.bxsf: Fermi surface.
* EIGVAL.OUT: eigenvalues.
* input.xml:
## Other files from GW calculation
GW output files must be in the same folder as the ground-state calculation.
The GW output files that are parsed are:
* GW\_INFO.OUT or GWINFO.OUT (it depends on the code version): it is the main GW output.
* EVALQP.DAT or EVALQP.TXT (it depends on the code version): contains the eigenvalues.
* TDOS\-QP.OUT: density of states.
* bandstructure\-qp.dat or BAND\-QP.OUT (it depends on the code version): band structure
* BANDLINES.OUT: start and end point of the segments in the band structure plot.
* SELFC.DAT: self energy
* input.xml or input\-gw.xml or input\_gw.xml: most of the parameters that characterize the GW calculation are retrieved from this file.
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