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# Bits & Bytes Article (to be moved to the docs eventually)
## Introduction
With the popularity and success of the python programming language, it has become increasingly important for researches to be able to make software developments available to the python eco-system by means of extension packages. To this end, [Pybind11]( library provides a convenient approach to generate python bindings of existing C++ code. In this context, the [sciki-build]( project can be used to bridge python's `setuptools` with [CMake]( As a resuls, CMake's features such as, e.g., choice of build-generators, dependency management or cross-compilation, can be exploited from within the installation process of the developed python extension.
## Installation
scikit-build is available from the 'Python Package Index' and can be installed with
pip install scikit-build
## Basic Usage
scikit-build provides a drop-in replacement for the `setuptools.setup` function that can be used in a project's `` via
from skbuild import setup
Beside the standard setuptools options, it provides [extra options]( to control the CMake build.
A minimal 'hello-world' example is provided [here](sebak/pybind11-hello-world).
*Sebastian Kehl, Klaus Reuter*
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