Commit 0055897f authored by Berk Onat's avatar Berk Onat

Fixing NoneType file_format in load_mdanalysis.

parent dae5530e
......@@ -3653,7 +3653,7 @@ class MDDataAccess(object):
return topology
def load_mdanalysis_topology(self, file_format):
def load_mdanalysis_topology(self, file_format=None):
""" Support level for MDAnalysis package
If filename is given, we try loading the format, if its a trajectory
......@@ -3666,7 +3666,10 @@ class MDDataAccess(object):
topology = None
universe = None
fileformat = re.sub('[.]', '', file_format)
if file_format:
fileformat = re.sub('[.]', '', file_format)
fileformat = file_format
if top:
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