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import ase.calculators.calculator
if 'potential_energy' not in calculator.all_properties:
calculator.all_properties += ['potential_energy', 'kinetic_energy']
This diff is collapsed.
This diff is collapsed.
from __future__ import print_function
import json
class CLICommand:
short_description = 'Get calculations from NOMAD and write to JSON files.'
def add_arguments(p):
p.add_argument('uri', nargs='+', metavar='nmd://<hash>',
+ help='URIs to get')
def run(args):
from ase.nomad import download
for uri in args.uri:
calculation = download(uri)
identifier = calculation.hash.replace('/', '.')
fname = 'nmd.{}.nomad.json'.format(identifier)
with open(fname, 'w') as fd:
json.dump(calculation, fd)
import json
from nomad_utils.nomad_fetch import dict2images
from ase.utils import basestring
def read_nomad_json(fd, index=':', only_atoms=False):
# wth, we should not be passing index like this!
from import string2index
if isinstance(index, basestring):
index = string2index(index)
d = json.load(fd)
images = dict2images(d, only_atoms=only_atoms)
return list(images)[index]
import ase
from ase.utils import basestring
def read_nomad_ziptxt(fd, index=':', only_atoms=False, skip_errors=False):
images = []
from import string2index
if isinstance(index, basestring):
index = string2index(index)
for bline in fd:
line = bline.decode("utf-8")
if line.startswith('#'):
nmduri = line.split('/section_run')
print('Requesting NOMAD archive at ' + nmduri[0])
entry =[0], only_atoms=only_atoms, skip_errors=skip_errors)
nmd_entry_images = entry.toatoms()
nmd_images = list(nmd_entry_images)
if len(nmd_images)>0:
print('Adding ' + str(len(nmd_images)) + ' structure(s) with ' + ','.join(
list(set([str(ni.get_chemical_formula('reduce')) for ni in nmd_images]))))
print('No structures retrieved from this NOMAD archive!')
return list(images)[index]
import numpy as np
from ase.calculators.calculator import Calculator, all_properties
if 'potential_energy' not in all_properties:
all_properties += ['potential_energy', 'kinetic_energy']
from ase.calculators.calculator import PropertyNotImplementedError
class SinglePointCalculator(Calculator):
"""Special calculator for a single configuration.
Used to remember the energy, force and stress for a given
configuration. If the positions, atomic numbers, unit cell, or
boundary conditions are changed, then asking for
energy/forces/stress will raise an exception."""
name = 'unknown'
def __init__(self, atoms=None, **results):
"""Save energy, forces, stress, ... for the current configuration."""
self.results = {}
for property, value in results.items():
if property.startswith('nomad_'):
assert property in all_properties
if value is None:
if(property in ['energy', 'magmom', 'free_energy'] or
self.results[property] = value
self.results[property] = np.array(value, float)
if atoms:
self.atoms = atoms.copy()
def __str__(self):
tokens = []
for key, val in sorted(self.results.items()):
if np.isscalar(val):
txt = '{}={}'.format(key, val)
txt = '{}=...'.format(key)
return '{}({})'.format(self.__class__.__name__, ', '.join(tokens))
def get_property(self, name, atoms=None, allow_calculation=True):
if name not in self.results or self.check_state(atoms):
if allow_calculation:
raise PropertyNotImplementedError(
'The property "{0}" is not available.'.format(name))
return None
result = self.results[name]
if isinstance(result, np.ndarray):
result = result.copy()
return result
class SinglePointKPoint:
def __init__(self, weight, s, k, eps_n=[], f_n=[]):
self.weight = weight
self.s = s # spin index
self.k = k # k-point index
self.eps_n = eps_n
self.f_n = f_n
class SinglePointDFTCalculator(SinglePointCalculator):
def __init__(self, atoms,
efermi=None, bzkpts=None, ibzkpts=None, bz2ibz=None,
self.bz_kpts = bzkpts
self.ibz_kpts = ibzkpts
self.bz2ibz = bz2ibz
self.eFermi = efermi
SinglePointCalculator.__init__(self, atoms, **results)
self.kpts = None
def get_fermi_level(self):
"""Return the Fermi-level(s)."""
return self.eFermi
def get_bz_to_ibz_map(self):
return self.bz2ibz
def get_bz_k_points(self):
"""Return the k-points."""
return self.bz_kpts
def get_number_of_spins(self):
"""Return the number of spins in the calculation.
Spin-paired calculations: 1, spin-polarized calculation: 2."""
if self.kpts is not None:
nspin = set()
for kpt in self.kpts:
return len(nspin)
return None
def get_spin_polarized(self):
"""Is it a spin-polarized calculation?"""
nos = self.get_number_of_spins()
if nos is not None:
return nos == 2
return None
def get_ibz_k_points(self):
"""Return k-points in the irreducible part of the Brillouin zone."""
return self.ibz_kpts
def get_kpt(self, kpt=0, spin=0):
if self.kpts is not None:
counter = 0
for kpoint in self.kpts:
if kpoint.s == spin:
if kpt == counter:
return kpoint
counter += 1
return None
def get_occupation_numbers(self, kpt=0, spin=0):
"""Return occupation number array."""
kpoint = self.get_kpt(kpt, spin)
if kpoint is not None:
return kpoint.f_n
return None
def get_eigenvalues(self, kpt=0, spin=0):
"""Return eigenvalue array."""
kpoint = self.get_kpt(kpt, spin)
if kpoint is not None:
return kpoint.eps_n
return None
def get_homo_lumo(self):
"""Return HOMO and LUMO energies."""
if self.kpts is None:
raise RuntimeError('No kpts')
eHs = []
eLs = []
for kpt in self.kpts:
eH, eL = self.get_homo_lumo_by_spin(kpt.s)
return np.array(eHs).max(), np.array(eLs).min()
def get_homo_lumo_by_spin(self, spin=0):
"""Return HOMO and LUMO energies for a given spin."""
if self.kpts is None:
raise RuntimeError('No kpts')
for kpt in self.kpts:
if kpt.s == spin:
raise RuntimeError('No k-point with spin {0}'.format(spin))
if self.eFermi is None:
raise RuntimeError('Fermi level is not available')
eH = -1.e32
eL = 1.e32
for kpt in self.kpts:
if kpt.s == spin:
for e in kpt.eps_n:
if e <= self.eFermi:
eH = max(eH, e)
eL = min(eL, e)
return eH, eL
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