Commit 2a59119a authored by Daniel Speckhard's avatar Daniel Speckhard

Removed useless variable in addArrayvalues.

parent f0381703
......@@ -182,7 +182,7 @@ class LocalBackend(object):
if actual_numpy_type not in array_types:
raise TypeError("The given array for metainfo '{}' has incorrect type of values in it. The values given are '{}', whereas the datatype given in metainfo is '{}'".format(metaName, actual_numpy_type, dtype_str))
dataManager.superSectionManager.addArrayValues(dataManager.metaInfo, values, gIndex)
dataManager.superSectionManager.addArrayValues(dataManager.metaInfo, values, gIndex=gIndex)
def array_type_for_metainfo_type(self, dtypeStr):
"""Returns a list of numpy types correspoding to the dtypeStr of a
......@@ -629,7 +629,7 @@ class SectionManager(object):
except KeyError:
raise Exception("Cannot set array values for metadata %s to section %d (%d) of %s, as it is not open" % (, gI, gIndex,
def addArrayValues(self, valueMetaInfo, value, offset=None, gIndex=-1):
def addArrayValues(self, valueMetaInfo, value, gIndex=-1):
if gIndex == -1:
gI = self.lastSectionGIndex
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