Commit 0bfb17da authored by Pavel Ondračka's avatar Pavel Ondračka Committed by Markus Scheidgen
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Small improvements to XC functional parsing

Fix some obviouly wrong entries and also just use UNKNOWN when parsing
fails as recommended by
There is still some room for improvement, but baby steps for now.
parent 73c8db0d
......@@ -46,14 +46,14 @@ class Wien2kIn0Context(object):
def onClose_x_wien2k_section_XC(self, backend, gIndex, section):
xc_index = section["x_wien2k_indxc"] #[0]
#logging.error("winsectxc: %s -> %s", section, xc_index)
if not xc_index:
xc_index = ["XC_PBE"]
# this is quite tricky, see lapw0 section in
# in general Wien2k allows to specify different functional for exchange and correlation potential and energy
# as well as using libxc and combining libxc together with Wien2k impementations
# Only parsing of global XC_*** and old numerical keywords (deprecated in new Wien2k) is supported right now
xc_map_legend = {
'5': ['LDA_C_PW_RPA'],
'XC_LDA': ['LDA_X_2D'],
'5': ['LDA_X', 'LDA_C_PW'],
'XC_LDA': ['LDA_X', 'LDA_C_PW'],
'13': ['GGA_X_PBE', 'GGA_C_PBE'],
......@@ -61,15 +61,15 @@ class Wien2kIn0Context(object):
'19': ['GGA_X_PBE_SOL', 'GGA_C_PBE_SOL'],
'11': ['GGA_X_WC'],
'XC_WC': ['GGA_X_WC'],
'11': ['GGA_X_WC', 'GGA_C_PBE'],
'XC_WC': ['GGA_X_WC', 'GGA_C_PBE'],
'17': ['GGA_X_PW91'],
'EC_PW91': ['GGA_X_PW91'],
'VC_PW91': ['GGA_X_PW91'],
'28': ['MGGA_X_TB09'],
'XC_MBJ': ['MGGA_X_TB09'],
'28': ['MGGA_X_TB09', 'LDA_C_PW'],
'XC_MBJ': ['MGGA_X_TB09', 'LDA_C_PW'],
......@@ -118,12 +118,15 @@ class Wien2kIn0Context(object):
'VX_LDA': ['HF_X']
# Push the functional string into the backend
xc_map_legend = xc_map_legend.get(xc_index[0])
xc_index = section["x_wien2k_indxc"] #[0]
if not xc_index:
xc_map_legend = ['UNKNOWN']
xc_map_legend = xc_map_legend.get(xc_index[0])
if not xc_map_legend:
raise Exception("Unhandled xc functional %s found" % xc_index)
xc_map_legend = ['UNKNOWN']
# Push the functional string into the backend
for xc_name in xc_map_legend:
# for xc_name in xc_map_legend[xc_index]:
s = backend.openSection("section_XC_functionals")
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