Commit 8776a0bc authored by Lauri Himanen's avatar Lauri Himanen
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Removed unnecessary fermi level for DOS.

parent 1a0c8cb0
......@@ -842,9 +842,8 @@ class VasprunContext(object):
if el.tag == "i":
if el.attrib.get("name") == "efermi":
self.eFermi = eV2J(float(el.text.strip()))
backend.addValue("dos_fermi_energy", self.eFermi)
"energy_reference_fermi", np.array([self.eFermi]*self.ispin))
"energy_reference_fermi", np.array([self.eFermi] * self.ispin))
backend.pwarn("unexpected tag %s %s in dos" %
(el.tag, el.attrib))
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