Commit 94dc1aa4 authored by temok-mx's avatar temok-mx

Further update of; mv metadata.yml -> metadata.yaml

parent cfc1e827
......@@ -49,12 +49,12 @@ import sys
from nomad.cli.parse import parse, normalize_all
# match and run the parser
backend = parse(sys.argv[1])
archive = parse(sys.argv[1])
# run all normalizers
# get the 'main section' section_run as a metainfo object
section_run = backend.resource.contents[0].section_run[0]
section_run = archive.section_run[0]
# get the same data as JSON serializable Python dict
python_dict = section_run.m_to_dict()
......@@ -76,3 +76,5 @@ pip install -e parser-skeleton
Running the parser now, will use the parser's Python code from the clone project.
codeLabel: skeleton
codeLabelStyle: none, this is a template
codeUrl: ''
parserDirName: dependencies/parsers/skeleton/
parserSpecific: ''
tableOfFiles: ''
code-label: skeleton
code-label-style: none, this is a template
code-url: ''
parser-dir-name: dependencies/parsers/skeleton/
parser-specific: ''
table-of-files: ''
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