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clarify/document translate_qe_xc_num

parent 321a3ea0
......@@ -52,11 +52,16 @@ def translate_qe_xc_num(xc_functional_num, exact_exchange_fraction=None):
xf_num = parse_qe_xc_num(xc_functional_num)
LOGGER.debug('num <- input: %s <- %s, exx_fraction: %s', str(xf_num),
xc_functional_num, str(exact_exchange_fraction))
# use dictionary to ensure uniqueness:
# use dictionaries to ensure uniqueness:
# exchange/correlation functionals may be combined into _XC_, and we
# only want to emit such combinations once
xc_data = {}
# libXC definitions of GGAs/Hybrids include the density contribution
# while QE allows to freely combine density, gradient etc. dependency
# so we need to remove at least the default settings to be compliant
# with libXC and NOMAD metaInfo
xc_data_remove = {}
# collect everything that will go to section_method
xc_section_method = {}
for component_i in range(6):
this_xf_num = xf_num[component_i]
......@@ -78,11 +83,13 @@ def translate_qe_xc_num(xc_functional_num, exact_exchange_fraction=None):
for this_term in this_component['xc_terms']:
xc_data, this_term, exact_exchange_fraction)
if 'xc_terms_remove' in this_component:
for this_term in this_component['xc_terms_remove']:
xc_data_remove, this_term, exact_exchange_fraction)
# collect all to-be-removed terms
for this_term in this_component.get('xc_terms_remove', []):
xc_data_remove, this_term, exact_exchange_fraction)
# remove all collected terms from xc_terms_remove from xc_data
apply_terms_remove(xc_data, xc_data_remove)
# filter terms in xc_data:
xc_functional = xc_functional_str(xc_data)
xc_section_method['XC_functional'] = xc_functional
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