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nomad-FAIR#273: Fix to include additional SCF cycle that occurs when...

nomad-FAIR#273: Fix to include additional SCF cycle that occurs when magnetic system converges to non-magnetic solution
parent fe15759f
......@@ -259,6 +259,7 @@ class QuantumEspressoParserPWSCF(QeC.ParserQuantumEspresso):"EXX refinement in MD/relax run")
raise Exception('running MD/relax calculation, but no new cell or atom coordinates found')
if exx_refine:
backend.addValue('x_qe_exx_refine', True)
exx_fraction = self.tmp.pop('exx_fraction', None)
......@@ -292,6 +293,11 @@ class QuantumEspressoParserPWSCF(QeC.ParserQuantumEspresso):
self, backend, gIndex, section):
"""trigger called when section_single_configuration_calculation
is closed"""
if 'extra_SCF' in self.tmp:
backend.addValue('x_qe_extra_SCF', True)
backend.addValue('single_configuration_to_calculation_method_ref', self.sectionIdx['section_method'])
backend.addValue('single_configuration_calculation_to_system_ref', self.sectionIdx['section_system'])
# extract k band structure data if available
......@@ -660,7 +666,6 @@ class QuantumEspressoParserPWSCF(QeC.ParserQuantumEspresso):
"""trigger called when section_single_configuration_calculation
is closed"""
self.tmp.pop('x_qe_t_profile_caller', None)
self.tmp.pop('x_qe_t_profile_category', None)
# manually open header sections, closed at the beginning of scf
......@@ -1238,11 +1243,15 @@ class QuantumEspressoParserPWSCF(QeC.ParserQuantumEspresso):
def SMs_relax_bfgs(self):
return [
return self.SMs_md_system_new(suffix='extra_SCF') + [
startReStr=r"\s*BFGS Geometry Optimization\s*$",
adHoc = lambda p: self.setTmp('md_relax', 'BFGS')
startReStr=r"\s*lsda relaxation : a final configuration with zero\s*$",
adHoc = lambda p: self.setTmp('extra_SCF', True)
startReStr=r"\s*number of scf cycles\s*=\s*(?P<x_qe_t_md_bfgs_scf_cycles>\d+)\s*$",
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