Commit d2eecac6 authored by Alarcon Villaseca, Sebastian (sebas81)'s avatar Alarcon Villaseca, Sebastian (sebas81)
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Checking sections and variables for XC functionals

parent 21c06f8a
......@@ -118,9 +118,9 @@ class OrcaContext(object):
# RPBE: Revised PBE (functional form of X)
# PWP: PW91 exchange + P86 correlation
"PW91": ["GGA_X_PW91", "GGA_C_P86"]
# OLYP: the optimized exchange and LYP
"PW91": ["GGA_X_PW91", "GGA_C_P86"],
# OLYP: Handy’s ‘optimal’ exchange and Lee-Yang-Parr correlation (the optimized exchange and LYP)
# OPBE: the optimized exchange and PBE
#XLYP: the Xu/Goddard exchange and LYP
......@@ -338,15 +338,15 @@ def buildSinglePointSubMatchers():
# SCF Settings:
SM(name = 'Orca SCF settings',
startReStr = r"\s*ORCA SCF\s*",
sections = ["section_method"],
sections = ["section_method", "x_orca_section_functionals"],
fixedStartValues = {
"electronic_structure_method": "DFT"
subMatchers = [
# A - For HF methods:
SM(r"\s+Ab initio Hamiltonian\s+Method\s+\.\.\.\s+(?P<x_orca_hf_method>[-+0-9a-zA-Z()]+)"),
SM(r"\s+Ab initio Hamiltonian\s+Method\s+\.\.\.\s+(?P<x_orca_XC_functional_type>[-+0-9a-zA-Z()]+)"),
# B - For DFT methods:
SM(r"\s+Density Functional\s+Method\s+\.\.\.\s+(?P<XC_functional_name>[a-zA-Z()]+)"),
SM(r"\s+Density Functional\s+Method\s+\.\.\.\s+(?P<x_orca_XC_functional_type>[a-zA-Z()]+)"),
SM(r"\s+Exchange Functional\s+Exchange\s+\.\.\.\s+(?P<x_orca_exchange_functional>[a-zA-Z0-9]+)"),
SM(r"\s+X-Alpha parameter\s+XAlpha\s+\.\.\.\s+(?P<x_orca_xalpha_param>[-+0-9.eEdD]+)"),
SM(r"\s+Becke's b parameter\s+XBeta\s+\.\.\.\s+(?P<x_orca_beckes_beta_param>[-+0-9.eEdD]+)"),
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