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Version of Gaussian parser with method processing

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......@@ -10,7 +10,13 @@ from nomadcore.unit_conversion.unit_conversion import convert_unit
import os, sys, json, logging
import numpy as np
import ase
import csv
import re
# This is the parser for the output file of Gaussian.
logger = logging.getLogger("nomad.GaussianParser")
# description of the output
mainFileDescription = SM(
......@@ -48,15 +54,24 @@ mainFileDescription = SM(
SM (name = 'SectionMethod',
sections = ['section_method'],
startReStr = r"\s*#",
forwardMatch = True,
subMatchers = [
SM(name = 'charge_multiplicity_natoms',
sections = ['x_gaussian_section_system'],
sections = ['section_system'],
startReStr = r"\s*Charge =",
subFlags = SM.SubFlags.Sequenced,
subFlags = SM.SubFlags.Unordered,
forwardMatch = True,
subMatchers = [
SM(r"\s*Charge =\s*(?P<x_gaussian_total_charge>[-+0-9]+) Multiplicity =\s*(?P<x_gaussian_spin_target_multiplicity>[0-9]+)"),
SM(r"\s*Charge =\s*(?P<x_gaussian_total_charge>[-+0-9]*) Multiplicity =\s*(?P<x_gaussian_spin_target_multiplicity>[0-9]*)"),
SM(name = 'atomic masses',
......@@ -80,7 +95,7 @@ mainFileDescription = SM(
startReStr = "\s*Standard orientation:",
repeats = True,
forwardMatch = True,
sections = ['x_gaussian_section_single_configuration_calculation'],
sections = ['section_single_configuration_calculation'],
subMatchers = [
SM(name = 'geometry',
sections = ['x_gaussian_section_geometry'],
......@@ -92,13 +107,13 @@ mainFileDescription = SM(
SM(name = 'TotalEnergyScfGaussian',
sections = ['x_gaussian_section_scf_iteration'],
sections = ['section_scf_iteration'],
startReStr = r"\s*Cycle\s+[0-9]+",
forwardMatch = True,
repeats = True,
subMatchers = [
SM(name = 'TotalEnergyScfConverged',
......@@ -106,20 +121,20 @@ mainFileDescription = SM(
startReStr = r"\s*SCF Done",
forwardMatch = True,
subMatchers = [
SM(r"\s*(?P<x_gaussian_single_configuration_calculation_converged>SCF Done):\s*[()A-Za-z0-9-]+\s*=\s*(?P<x_gaussian_energy_total_scf_converged__hartree>[-+0-9.]+)")
SM(r"\s*(?P<x_gaussian_single_configuration_calculation_converged>SCF Done):\s*[(),A-Za-z0-9-]+\s*=\s*(?P<energy_total__hartree>[-+0-9.]+)")
SM(name = 'RealSpinValue',
sections = ['x_gaussian_section_real_spin_squared'],
startReStr = r"\s*Convg\s*=",
startReStr = r"\s*Annihilation of the first spin contaminant",
forwardMatch = True,
repeats = True,
subMatchers = [
SM(r"\s*Annihilation of the first spin contaminant"),
SM(r"\s*[A-Z][*][*][0-9]\s*before annihilation\s*[0-9.,]+\s*after\s*(?P<x_gaussian_after_annihilation_spin_S2>[0-9.]+)")
SM(r"\s*[A-Z][*][*][0-9]\s*before annihilation\s*(?P<spin_S2>[0-9.]+),\s*after\s*(?P<x_gaussian_after_annihilation_spin_S2>[0-9.]+)")
SM(name = 'ForcesScfGaussian',
SM(name = 'ForcesGaussian',
sections = ['x_gaussian_section_atom_forces'],
startReStr = "\s*Center\s+Atomic\s+Forces ",
forwardMatch = True,
......@@ -161,7 +176,7 @@ mainFileDescription = SM(
startReStr = r"\s*The electronic state is",
forwardMatch = True,
subMatchers = [
SM(r"\s*The electronic state is\s*(?P<x_gaussian_elstate_symmetry>[A-Z0-9-]+)[.]")
SM(r"\s*The electronic state is\s*(?P<x_gaussian_elstate_symmetry>[A-Z0-9-']+)[.]")
SM(name = 'Eigenvalues',
......@@ -179,8 +194,8 @@ mainFileDescription = SM(
SM(name = 'Multipoles',
sections = ['x_gaussian_section_molecular_multipoles'],
startReStr = r"\s*Charge=",
forwardMatch = True,
startReStr = r"\s*Electronic spatial extent",
forwardMatch = False,
subMatchers = [
SM(r"\s*Dipole moment "),
......@@ -254,7 +269,6 @@ mainFileDescription = SM(
# loading metadata from nomad-meta-info/meta_info/nomad_meta_info/gaussian.nomadmetainfo.json
metaInfoPath = os.path.normpath(os.path.join(os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(__file__)),"../../../../nomad-meta-info/meta_info/nomad_meta_info/gaussian.nomadmetainfo.json"))
metaInfoEnv, warnings = loadJsonFile(filePath = metaInfoPath, dependencyLoader = None, extraArgsHandling = InfoKindEl.ADD_EXTRA_ARGS, uri = None)
......@@ -295,6 +309,8 @@ class GaussianParserContext(object):
def startedParsing(self, path, parser):
self.parser = parser
# save metadata
self.metaInfoEnv = self.parser.parserBuilder.metaInfoEnv
# allows to reset values if the same superContext is used to parse different files
......@@ -313,8 +329,10 @@ class GaussianParserContext(object):
for i in range(len(xCoord)):
atom_numbers[i] = numbers[i]
atomic_symbols[i] =[atom_numbers[i]]
backend.addArrayValues("x_gaussian_atom_labels", atomic_symbols)
backend.addArrayValues("x_gaussian_atom_positions", atom_coords)
gIndexTmp = backend.openSection("section_system")
backend.addArrayValues("atom_labels", atomic_symbols)
backend.addArrayValues("atom_positions", atom_coords)
backend.closeSection("section_system", gIndexTmp)
def onClose_x_gaussian_section_atom_forces(self, backend, gIndex, section):
xForce = section["x_gaussian_atom_x_force"]
......@@ -325,29 +343,28 @@ class GaussianParserContext(object):
atom_forces[i,0] = xForce[i]
atom_forces[i,1] = yForce[i]
atom_forces[i,2] = zForce[i]
backend.addArrayValues("x_gaussian_atom_forces", atom_forces)
backend.addArrayValues("atom_forces_raw", atom_forces)
def onClose_section_run(self, backend, gIndex, section):
"""Trigger called when section_run is closed.
# write geometry optimization convergence
gIndexTmp = backend.openSection('x_gaussian_section_single_configuration_calculation')
# write geometry optimization convergence
gIndexTmp = backend.openSection('section_single_configuration_calculation')
if self.geoConvergence is not None:
backend.addValue('x_gaussian_geometry_optimization_converged', self.geoConvergence)
# use values of which was parsed in section_method
backend.closeSection('x_gaussian_section_single_configuration_calculation', gIndexTmp)
backend.closeSection('section_single_configuration_calculation', gIndexTmp)
def onClose_x_gaussian_section_single_configuration_calculation(self, backend, gIndex, section):
def onClose_section_single_configuration_calculation(self, backend, gIndex, section):
"""Trigger called when section_single_configuration_calculation is closed.
Write number of SCF iterations and convergence.
Check for convergence of geometry optimization.
# write number of SCF iterations
self.scfenergyconverged = section['x_gaussian_energy_total_scf_converged']
self.scfenergyconverged = section['energy_total']
backend.addValue('x_gaussian_number_of_scf_iterations', self.scfIterNr)
# write SCF convergence and reset
backend.addValue('x_gaussian_single_configuration_calculation_converged', self.scfConvergence)
backend.addValue('x_gaussian_energy_total_scf_converged', self.scfenergyconverged)
backend.addValue('energy_total', self.scfenergyconverged)
self.scfConvergence = False
# check for geometry optimization convergence
if section['x_gaussian_geometry_optimization_converged'] is not None:
......@@ -364,7 +381,7 @@ class GaussianParserContext(object):
# start with -1 since zeroth iteration is the initialization
self.scfIterNr = -1
def onClose_x_gaussian_section_scf_iteration(self, backend, gIndex, section):
def onClose_section_scf_iteration(self, backend, gIndex, section):
# count number of SCF iterations
self.scfIterNr += 1
# check for SCF convergence
......@@ -377,7 +394,9 @@ class GaussianParserContext(object):
atmass = []
mass = [float(f) for f in atomicmasses[1:].replace("'","").replace(",","").replace("]","").replace(" ."," 0.").replace(" -."," -0.").split()]
atmass = np.append(atmass, mass)
gIndexTmp = backend.openSection("section_system")
backend.addArrayValues("x_gaussian_masses", atmass)
backend.closeSection("section_system", gIndexTmp)
def onClose_x_gaussian_section_eigenvalues(self, backend, gIndex, section):
eigenenergies = str(section["x_gaussian_alpha_occ_eigenvalues_values"])
......@@ -426,20 +445,20 @@ class GaussianParserContext(object):
symoccbeta = str(section["x_gaussian_beta_occ_symmetry_values"])
symvirbeta = str(section["x_gaussian_beta_vir_symmetry_values"])
symmetry = [str(f) for f in symoccalpha[1:].replace("'","").replace(",","").replace("(","").replace(")","").replace("]","").split()]
symmetry = [str(f) for f in symoccalpha[1:].replace(",","").replace("(","").replace(")","").replace("]","").replace("'A","A").replace("\\'","'").replace("A''","A'").replace("'E","E").replace("G'","G").replace("\"A'\"","A'").split()]
sym1 = []
sym1 = np.append(sym1, symmetry)
symmetry = [str(f) for f in symviralpha[1:].replace("'","").replace(",","").replace("(","").replace(")","").replace("]","").split()]
symmetry = [str(f) for f in symviralpha[1:].replace(",","").replace("(","").replace(")","").replace("]","").replace("'A","A").replace("\\'","'").replace("A''","A'").replace("\"A'\"","A'").replace("'E","E").replace("G'","G").split()]
sym2 = []
sym2 = np.append(sym2, symmetry)
symmetrycon = np.concatenate((sym1, sym2), axis=0)
backend.addArrayValues("x_gaussian_alpha_symmetries", symmetrycon)
symmetry = [str(f) for f in symoccbeta[1:].replace("'","").replace(",","").replace("(","").replace(")","").replace("]","").split()]
symmetry = [str(f) for f in symoccbeta[1:].replace(",","").replace("(","").replace(")","").replace("]","").replace("'A","A").replace("\\'","'").replace("A''","A'").replace("\"A'\"","A'").replace("'E","E").replace("G'","G").split()]
sym1 = []
sym1 = np.append(sym1, symmetry)
symmetry = [str(f) for f in symvirbeta[1:].replace("'","").replace(",","").replace("(","").replace(")","").replace("]","").split()]
symmetry = [str(f) for f in symvirbeta[1:].replace(",","").replace("(","").replace(")","").replace("]","").replace("'A","A").replace("\\'","'").replace("A''","A'").replace("\"A'\"","A'").replace("'E","E").replace("G'","G").split()]
sym2 = []
sym2 = np.append(sym2, symmetry)
symmetrycon = np.concatenate((sym1, sym2), axis=0)
......@@ -551,26 +570,28 @@ class GaussianParserContext(object):
if len(vibfreqs) % 3 == 0:
k = 0
for p in range(0,len(vibfreqs) // 3):
M = len(disps)/len(vibfreqs) * (p+1)
M = int(len(disps)/len(vibfreqs)) * (p+1)
for m in range(3):
for n in range(M - len(disps) // len(vibfreqs),M,3):
for n in range(M - int(len(disps) / len(vibfreqs)),M,3):
for l in range(3):
dispsnew[k] = disps[3*(n + m) + l]
k = k + 1
elif len(vibfreqs) % 3 != 0:
k = 0
for p in range(len(vibfreqs)-1,0,-3):
M = (len(disps) - len(disps) // len(vibfreqs)) // p
M = (len(disps) - int(len(disps) / len(vibfreqs))) // p
for m in range(3):
for n in range(M - len(disps) // len(vibfreqs),M,3):
for n in range(M - int(len(disps) / len(vibfreqs)),M,3):
for l in range(3):
dispsnew[k] = disps[3*(n + m) + l]
k = k + 1
for m in range(len(disps) // len(vibfreqs)):
for m in range(int(len(disps) / len(vibfreqs))):
dispsnew[k] = disps[k]
k = k + 1
vibnormalmodes = np.append(vibnormalmodes, dispsnew)
natoms = int(len(disps) / len(vibfreqs) / 3)
vibnormalmodes = np.reshape(vibnormalmodes,(len(vibfreqs),natoms,3))
backend.addArrayValues("x_gaussian_normal_mode_values", vibnormalmodes)
def onClose_x_gaussian_section_force_constant_matrix(self, backend, gIndex, section):
......@@ -627,17 +648,538 @@ class GaussianParserContext(object):
backend.addArrayValues("x_gaussian_force_constant_values", cartforceconst)
def onClose_section_method(self, backend, gIndex, section):
# handling of xc functional
# two functions to convert hybrid_xc_coeff to the correct weight
def GGA_weight(x):
return 1.0 - x
def HF_weight(x):
return x
# TODO vdW functionals and double-hybrid functionals
# Dictionary for conversion of xc functional name in aims to metadata format.
# The individual x and c components of the functional are given as dictionaries.
# Possible keys of such a dictionary are 'name', 'weight', and 'convert'.
# If 'weight' is not given it is not written.
# With 'convert', a funtion is specified how hybrid_xc_coeff is converted to the correct weight for this xc component.
xcDict = {
'S': [{'name': 'LDA_X'}],
'XA': [{'name': 'X_ALPHA'}],
'VWN5': [{'name': 'LDA_C_VWN'}],
'VWN': [{'name': 'LDA_C_VWN_3'}],
'LSDA': [{'name': 'LDA_X'}, {'name': 'LDA_C_VWN'}],
'B': [{'name': 'GGA_X_B88'}],
'BLYP': [{'name': 'GGA_C_LYP'}, {'name': 'GGA_X_B88'}],
'PBE': [{'name': 'GGA_C_PBE'}],
'PBEPBE': [{'name': 'GGA_C_PBE'}, {'name': 'GGA_X_PBE'}],
'PBEH': [{'name': 'GGA_X_PBEH'}],
'WPBEH': [{'name': 'GGA_X_WPBEH'}],
'PW91PW91': [{'name': 'GGA_C_PW91'}, {'name': 'GGA_X_PW91'}],
'M06L': [{'name': 'MGGA_C_M06_L'}, {'name': 'MGGA_X_M06_L'}],
'M11L': [{'name': 'MGGA_C_M11_L'}, {'name': 'MGGA_X_M11_L'}],
'SOGGA11': [{'name': 'GGA_XC_SOGGA11'}],
'MN12L': [{'name': 'GGA_XC_MN12L'}],
'N12': [{'name': 'GGA_C_N12'}, {'name': 'GGA_X_N12'}],
'VSXC': [{'name': 'GGA_XC_VSXC'}],
'HCTH93': [{'name': 'GGA_XC_HCTH_93'}],
'HCTH147': [{'name': 'GGA_XC_HCTH_147'}],
'HCTH407': [{'name': 'GGA_XC_HCTH_407'}],
'HCTH': [{'name': 'GGA_XC_HCTH_407'}],
'B97D': [{'name': 'GGA_XC_B97D'}],
'B97D3': [{'name': 'GGA_XC_B97D3'}],
'MPW': [{'name': 'GGA_X_MPW'}],
'G96': [{'name': 'GGA_X_G96'}],
'O': [{'name': 'GGA_X_O'}],
'BRX': [{'name': 'GGA_X_BRX'}],
'PKZB': [{'name': 'GGA_C_PKZB'}, {'name': 'GGA_X_PKZB'}],
'PL': [{'name': 'GGA_C_PL'}],
'P86': [{'name': 'GGA_C_P86'}],
'B95': [{'name': 'GGA_C_B95'}],
'KCIS': [{'name': 'GGA_C_KCIS'}],
'BRC': [{'name': 'GGA_C_BRC'}],
'VP86': [{'name': 'GGA_C_VP86'}],
'V5LYP': [{'name': 'GGA_C_V5LYP'}],
'tHCTH': [{'name': 'MGGA_XC_TAU_HCTH'}],
'TPSSTPSS': [{'name': 'MGGA_C_TPSS'}, {'name': 'MGGA_X_TPSS'}],
'B3LYP': [{'name': 'HYB_GGA_XC_B3LYP'}],
'B3PW91': [{'name': 'HYB_GGA_XC_B3PW91'}],
'B3P86': [{'name': 'HYB_GGA_XC_B3P86'}],
'B1B95': [{'name': 'HYB_GGA_XC_B1B95'}],
'MPW1PW91': [{'name': 'HYB_GGA_XC_MPW1PW91'}],
'MPW1LYP': [{'name': 'HYB_GGA_XC_MPW1LYP'}],
'MPW1PBE': [{'name': 'HYB_GGA_XC_MPW1PBE'}],
'MPW3PBE': [{'name': 'HYB_GGA_XC_MPW3PBE'}],
'B98': [{'name': 'HYB_GGA_XC_B98'}],
'B971': [{'name': 'HYB_GGA_XC_B971'}],
'B972': [{'name': 'HYB_GGA_XC_B972'}],
'O3LYP': [{'name': 'HYB_GGA_XC_O3LYP'}],
'TPSSh': [{'name': 'HYB_GGA_XC_TPSSh'}],
'BMK': [{'name': 'HYB_GGA_XC_BMK'}],
'X3LYP': [{'name': 'HYB_GGA_XC_X3LYP'}],
'tHCTHhyb': [{'name': 'HYB_GGA_XC_tHCTHHYB'}],
'BHANDH': [{'name': 'HYB_GGA_XC_BHANDH'}],
'APF': [{'name': 'HYB_GGA_XC_APF'}],
'APFD': [{'name': 'HYB_GGA_XC_APFD'}],
'B97D': [{'name': 'HYB_GGA_XC_B97D'}],
'RHF': [{'name': 'RHF_X'}],
'UHF': [{'name': 'UHF_X'}],
'ROHF': [{'name': 'ROHF_X'}],
'OHSE2PBE': [{'name': 'HYB_GGA_XC_HSE03'}],
'HSEH1PBE': [{'name': 'HYB_GGA_XC_HSE06'}],
'OHSE1PBE': [{'name': 'HYB_GGA_XC_HSEOLD'}],
'PBEH1PBE': [{'name': 'HYB_GGA_XC_PBEh1PBE'}],
'PBE1PBE': [{'name': 'GGA_C_PBE'}, {'name': 'GGA_X_PBE', 'weight': 0.75, 'convert': GGA_weight}, {'name': 'HF_X', 'weight': 0.25, 'convert': HF_weight}],
'M05': [{'name': 'HYB_MGGA_XC_M05'}],
'M052X': [{'name': 'HYB_MGGA_XC_M05_2X'}],
'M06': [{'name': 'HYB_MGGA_XC_M06'}],
'M062X': [{'name': 'HYB_MGGA_XC_M06_2X'}],
'M06HF': [{'name': 'HYB_MGGA_XC_M06_HF'}],
'M11': [{'name': 'HYB_MGGA_XC_M11'}],
'SOGGAX11': [{'name': 'HYB_MGGA_XC_SOGGA11_X'}],
'MN12SX': [{'name': 'HYB_MGGA_XC_MN12_SX'}],
'N12SX': [{'name': 'HYB_MGGA_XC_N12_SX'}],
'LC-WPBE': [{'name': 'LC-WPBE'}],
'CAM-B3LYP': [{'name': 'CAM-B3LYP'}],
'WB97': [{'name': 'WB97'}],
'WB97X': [{'name': 'WB97X'}],
'WB97XD': [{'name': 'WB97XD'}],
'HISSBPBE': [{'name': 'HISSBPBE'}],
'B2PLYP': [{'name': 'B2PLYP'}],
'MPW2PLYP': [{'name': 'MPW2PLYP'}],
'B2PLYPD': [{'name': 'B2PLYPD'}],
'MPW2PLYPD': [{'name': 'MPW2PLYPD'}],
'B97D3': [{'name': 'B97D3'}],
'B2PLYPD3': [{'name': 'B2PLYPD3'}],
'MPW2PLYPD3': [{'name': 'MPW2PLYPD3'}],
'LC-': [{'name': 'Long-range corrected'}],
methodDict = {
'AMBER': [{'name': 'Amber'}],
'DREIDING': [{'name': 'Dreiding'}],
'UFF': [{'name': 'UFF'}],
'AM1': [{'name': 'AM1'}],
'PM3': [{'name': 'PM3'}],
'PM3MM': [{'name': 'PM3MM'}],
'PM6': [{'name': 'PM6'}],
'PDDG': [{'name': 'PDDG'}],
'CNDO': [{'name': 'CNDO'}],
'INDO': [{'name': 'INDO'}],
'MINDO': [{'name': 'MINDO'}],
'MINDO3': [{'name': 'MINDO3'}],
'ZINDO': [{'name': 'ZINDO'}],
'ONIOM': [{'name': 'ONIOM'}],
'RHF': [{'name': 'RHF'}],
'UHF': [{'name': 'UHF'}],
'ROHF': [{'name': 'ROHF'}],
'GVB': [{'name': 'GVB'}],
'DFT': [{'name': 'DFT'}],
'CID': [{'name': 'CID'}],
'CISD': [{'name': 'CISD'}],
'CIS': [{'name': 'CIS'}],
'BD': [{'name': 'BD'}],
'CCD': [{'name': 'CCD'}],
'CCSD': [{'name': 'CCSD'}],
'EOMCCSD': [{'name': 'EOMCCSD'}],
'QCISD': [{'name': 'QCISD'}],
'MP2': [{'name': 'MP2'}],
'MP3': [{'name': 'MP3'}],
'MP4': [{'name': 'MP4'}],
'MP5': [{'name': 'MP5'}],
'CAS': [{'name': 'CASSCF'}],
'CASSCF': [{'name': 'CASSCF'}],
'G1': [{'name': 'G1'}],
'G2': [{'name': 'G2'}],
'G2MP2': [{'name': 'G2MP2'}],
'G3': [{'name': 'G3'}],
'G3MP2': [{'name': 'G3MP2'}],
'G3B3': [{'name': 'G3B3'}],
'G3MP2B3': [{'name': 'G3MP2B3'}],
'G4': [{'name': 'G4'}],
'G4MP2': [{'name': 'G4MP2'}],
'CBSExtrap': [{'name': 'CBSExtrapolate'}],
'CBSExtrapolate': [{'name': 'CBSExtrapolate'}],
'CBS-4M': [{'name': 'CBS-4M'}],
'CBS-4O': [{'name': 'CBS-4O'}],
'CBS-QB3': [{'name': 'CBS-QB3'}],
'CBS-QB3O': [{'name': 'CBS-QB3O'}],
'CBS-APNO': [{'name': 'CBS-APNO'}],
'W1U': [{'name': 'W1U'}],
'W1BD': [{'name': 'W1BD'}],
'W1RO': [{'name': 'W1RO'}],
basissetDict = {
'STO-3G': [{'name': 'STO-3G'}],
'3-21G': [{'name': '3-21G'}],
'6-21G': [{'name': '6-21G'}],
'4-31G': [{'name': '4-31G'}],
'6-31G': [{'name': '6-31G'}],
'6-311G': [{'name': '6-311G'}],
'D95V': [{'name': 'D95V'}],
'D95': [{'name': 'D95'}],
'CC-PVDZ': [{'name': 'cc-pVDZ'}],
'CC-PVTZ': [{'name': 'cc-pVTZ'}],
'CC-PVQZ': [{'name': 'cc-pVQZ'}],
'CC-PV5Z': [{'name': 'cc-pV5Z'}],
'CC-PV6Z': [{'name': 'cc-pV6Z'}],
'SV': [{'name': 'SV'}],
'SVP': [{'name': 'SVP'}],
'TZV': [{'name': 'TZV'}],
'TZVP': [{'name': 'TZVP'}],
'DEF2SV': [{'name': 'Def2SV'}],
'DEF2SVP': [{'name': 'Def2SVP'}],
'DEF2SVPP': [{'name': 'Def2SVPP'}],
'DEF2TZV': [{'name': 'Def2TZV'}],
'DEF2TZVP': [{'name': 'Def2TZVP'}],
'DEF2TZVPP': [{'name': 'Def2TZVPP'}],
'DEF2QZV': [{'name': 'Def2QZV'}],
'DEF2QZVP': [{'name': 'Def2QZVP'}],
'DEF2QZVPP': [{'name': 'Def2QZVPP'}],
'QZVP': [{'name': 'QZVP'}],
'MIDIX': [{'name': 'MidiX'}],
'EPR-II': [{'name': 'EPR-II'}],
'EPR-III': [{'name': 'EPR-III'}],
'UGBS': [{'name': 'UGBS'}],
'MTSMALL': [{'name': 'MTSmall'}],
'DGDZVP': [{'name': 'DGDZVP'}],
'DGDZVP2': [{'name': 'DGDZVP2'}],
'DGTZVP': [{'name': 'DGTZVP'}],
'CBSB3': [{'name': 'CBSB3'}],
'CBSB7': [{'name': 'CBSB7'}],
'SHC': [{'name': 'SHC'}],
'SEC': [{'name': 'SHC'}],
'CEP-4G': [{'name': 'CEP-4G'}],
'CEP-31G': [{'name': 'CEP-31G'}],
'CEP-121G': [{'name': 'CEP-121G'}],
'LANL1': [{'name': 'LANL1'}],
'LANL2': [{'name': 'LANL2'}],
'SDD': [{'name': 'SDD'}],
'OLDSDD': [{'name': 'OldSDD'}],
'SDDALL': [{'name': 'SDDAll'}],
'GEN': [{'name': 'General'}],
'CHKBAS': [{'name': 'CHKBAS'}],
'EXTRABASIS': [{'name': 'ExtraBasis'}],
'DGA1': [{'name': 'DGA1'}],
'DGA2': [{'name': 'DGA2'}],
'SVPFIT': [{'name': 'SVPFit'}],
'TZVPFIT': [{'name': 'TZVPFit'}],
'W06': [{'name': 'W06'}],
'CHF': [{'name': 'CHF'}],
global xc, method, basisset, xcWrite, methodWrite, basissetWrite, methodreal, basissetreal, exc, corr, exccorr, methodprefix
xc = None
method = None
basisset = None
xcWrite = False
methodWrite = False
basissetWrite = False
methodreal = None
basissetreal = None
methodprefix = None
exc = None
corr = None
exccorr = None
settings = section["x_gaussian_settings"]
settings = map(str.strip, settings)
settings = [''.join(map(str,settings))]
settings = str(settings)
settings = re.sub('[-]{2,}', '', settings)
method1 = settings.replace("['#p ","").replace("['#P ","")
method1 = method1.upper()
if 'ONIOM' not in method1:
if settings.find("/") >= 0:
method1 = settings.split('/')[0].replace("['#p ","").replace("['#P ","")
method1 = method1.upper()
for x in method1.split():
method2 = str(x)
if method2 != 'RHF' and method2 != 'UHF' and method2 != 'ROHF':
if (method2[0] == 'R' and method2[0:2] != 'RO') or method2[0] == 'U':
methodprefix = method2[0]
method2 = method2[1:]
elif method2[0:2] == 'RO':
methodprefix = method2[0:2]
method2 = method2[2:]
if method2[0] == 'S' or method2[0] == 'B' or method2[0] == 'O':
exc = method2[0]
corr = method2[1:]
if exc in xcDict.keys() and corr in xcDict.keys():
xc = xcDict.get([exc][-1]) + xcDict.get([corr][-1])
if method2[0:3] == 'BRX' or method2[0:3] == 'G96':
exc = method2[0:3]
corr = method2[3:]
if exc in xcDict.keys() and corr in xcDict.keys():
xc = xcDict.get([exc][-1]) + xcDict.get([corr][-1])
if method2[0:5] == 'WPBEH':
exc = method2[0:5]
corr = method2[6:]
if exc in xcDict.keys() and corr in xcDict.keys():
xc = xcDict.get([exc][-1]) + xcDict.get([corr][-1])
if method2[0:3] == 'LC-':
exccorr = method2[3:]
if exccorr in xcDict.keys():
xc = 'LC-' + xcDict.get([exccorr][-1])
if method2 in xcDict.keys():
xc = method2
xcWrite= True
method = 'DFT'
if method2 in methodDict.keys():
method = method2
methodWrite = True
methodreal = method2
for n in range(2,9):
if method2[0:n] in methodDict.keys():
method = method2[0:n]
methodWrite = True
methodreal = method2
if method2[0:9] == 'CBSEXTRAP':
method = method2[0:9]
methodWrite = True
methodreal = method2
rest = settings.split('/')[1]
rest = rest.upper()
for x in rest.split():
if x in basissetDict.keys():
basisset = x
basissetWrite = True
basissetreal = x
if 'D95' in x:
method2 = x
basisset = method2[0:3]
basissetWrite = True
basissetreal = method2
if 'AUG-' in x:
method2 = x
basisset = method2[4:]
basissetWrite = True
basissetreal = method2
if 'UGBS' in x:
method2 = x
basisset = method2[0:4]
basissetWrite = True
basissetreal = method2
if 'CBSB7' in x:
method2 = x
basisset = method2[0:5]
basissetWrite = True
basissetreal = method2
if '6-31' in x: