Commit 16a72f9e authored by Mohamed, Fawzi Roberto (fawzi)'s avatar Mohamed, Fawzi Roberto (fawzi)
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fix for metainfo rename target_multiplicity spin_target_multiplicity

parent bb48b224
......@@ -45,7 +45,7 @@ mainFileDescription = SM(
subFlags = SM.SubFlags.Sequenced,
forwardMatch = True,
subMatchers = [
SM(r"\s*Charge =\s*(?P<total_charge>[-+0-9]+) Multiplicity =\s*(?P<target_multiplicity>[0-9]+)"),
SM(r"\s*Charge =\s*(?P<total_charge>[-+0-9]+) Multiplicity =\s*(?P<spin_target_multiplicity>[0-9]+)"),
SM(name = 'geometry',
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