Commit 825ecbc0 authored by Mikkel Strange's avatar Mikkel Strange

example of geometry optimazation

parent 9884d420
from __future__ import print_function
from ase.lattice.cubic import FaceCenteredCubic
from ase.optimize import BFGS
from import Trajectory
from ase.constraints import FixedPlane
from ase import units
from asap3 import EMT # Way too slow with ase.EMT !
#from ase.calculators.emt import EMT
size = 3
# Set up a crystal
atoms = FaceCenteredCubic(directions=[[1, 0, 0], [0, 1, 0], [0, 0, 1]],
size=(size, size, size),
cs = [FixedPlane(a, [0, 0, 1]) for a in range(1)]
dyn = BFGS(atoms)
traj = Trajectory('geo_opt1.traj', 'w', atoms)
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