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......@@ -304,10 +304,11 @@ class Container(object):
The unit names are converted to numbers and the resulting
expression will be evaluated by python.
Ex.: unit = 'electron-volt/Angstrom^2'
Ex.: unit = 'electron-volt/Angstrom^3'
will be converted to
unit = '1.602176565e-19*1.0/1.0e-10**2'
factor = eval(unit) = 16.02176565 Joule/meter^2
unit = '1.602176565e-19*1.0/1.0e-10**3'
factor = eval(unit) = 160.2176565e+9 Joule/meter^3 (Pascal)
160.2176565e+9 Pascal = 160.2176565 GPa
in SI units and the result will be calculated as follows:
output_value = input_value * factor
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