Commit 9ed63efe authored by Daria M. Tomecka's avatar Daria M. Tomecka
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Initial commit of the classifuing code

#! /usr/bin/env python3
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Includes function that reads json files and classifies the stuctures
included on the basis of encyclopedia and the calculated in the preprocessor
space_group and normalized_wyckoff, and returns a dictionary with key - json
file name and value - classification_name (with labels in the same format as
in the read_prototypes function).
from __future__ import absolute_import
__author__ = "Daria M. Tomecka"
__copyright__ = "Copyright 2017, The NOMAD Project"
__maintainer__ = "Daria M. Tomecka"
__email__ = ";"
__date__ = "18/05/17"
import soap
import sys
import json
import numpy as np
import pickle
import h5py
import time
import datetime
import os
import logging
from nomad_sim.wrappers import get_json_list
from nomad_sim.wrappers import plot, logger
from nomad_sim.utils_crystals import get_spacegroup
from nomad_sim.utils_crystals import create_supercell
from nomad_sim.wrappers import get_json_list
from nomad_sim.nomad_structures import NOMADStructure
from import AseConfig
#prototypes_file = os.path.normpath("/nomad-lab-base/analysis-tools/structural-similarity/python-modules/nomad_sim/")
#Classification of json calculartion using encyclopedia preprocessor
import sys
import Nomad
import logging
from Nomad.Preprocessing.System import structure, preprocessormaterial3d
from Nomad import ProcessingEngine
#LOGGER = logging.getLogger(__name__)
json_list = beaker.json_list
def classify_by_norm_wyckoff(json_list):
protos = {}
for json_file_name in json_list:
# simulation_cell = json_file_name.get('lattice_vectors')
# labels = json_file_name.get('atom_labels')
# atom_pos = json_file_name.get('atom_positions')
# if not simulation_cell or not labels or not atom_pos:
# raise Exception("Parsed invalid geometry for space group %d, %s" % (spaceGroupNr, protoDict))
proc = ProcessingEngine(mode="debug")
results = proc.process(json_file_name)
preprocessor = list(results.values())
if len(preprocessor) == 1:
preprocessor = preprocessor[0]
spg_nr = preprocessor["space_group"]
norm_wyckoff = preprocessor["normalized_wyckoff"]
proto2 = preprocessor["structure_type"]
protoDict = structure.get_structure_type(spg_nr, norm_wyckoff)
#proto = '%d-%s' % (spg_nr, proto2)
if protoDict is None:
proto = "%d-_" % spg_nr
#if protoDict.get("Notes","") not in ["", "_", "-", "–"]:
# proto = '%d-%s' % (spg_nr, protoDict)
#proto = '%d-%s' % (spg_nr, protoDict)
proto = '%d-%s' % (spg_nr, protoDict.get("Prototype","-"))
protos[json_file_name] = proto
logging.error("failed for %r",json_file_name)
logging.exception("failure while computing for %r",json_file_name)
return protos
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