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Metadata descriptions

Benjamin Regler requested to merge feature/metadata-descriptions into master


This PR revised and corrected the metadata descriptions to make them more understandable and more unambiguous to other persons. Metadata descriptions are now full sentences. In addition any reference to the public Nomad wiki has been resolved and incorporated.


Specifically, the following wiki pages can be marked as obsolete now:

Review process (open for group members)

For convenience and to (fast) review my changes I herewith attach my Markdown document (v6) from where I added the metadata descriptions to the JSON file. If you do any changes there and attach/send me the file, it will be easy to integrate them and generate a new updated file.

(Markdown knowledge is required; reading the tutorial ( first is much appreciated)


  • Metadata descriptions now contain the revised versions (metadata A - M) by Zhong-Kang (2016-11-14 14:08).
  • Revised newly added metadata (thermodynamic properties added by Henrik) (2016-11-16 13:55)
  • Added corrected metadata descriptions (revised by Bryan) (2016-11-23 09:24)
  • Added corrected metadata descriptions A-M (revised by Chris and updated by Benny) (2016-12-07 12:01)
  • Fixed atom_forces_* descriptions (Luca) (2016-12-09 14:27)

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