Commit e50433c1 authored by Ihrig, Arvid Conrad (ari)'s avatar Ihrig, Arvid Conrad (ari)
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added allowed values for eigenvalues_kind

parent 718822f5
......@@ -751,7 +751,11 @@
"shape": [],
"superNames": [
"values": {
"normal": "all eigenvalues of the Kohn Sham / Fock operator",
"partial": "partial eigenvalue spectrum, usually around the HOMO-LOMO. In this case, number_of_eigenvalues only refers to the number of stored eigenvalues, not the full spectrum."
}, {
"description": "Multiplicity of the $k$ point (i.e., how many distinct points per cell this expands to after applying all symmetries). This defaults to 1. If expansion is preformed then each point will have weight eigenvalues_kpoints_weights/eigenvalues_kpoints_multiplicity.",
"dtypeStr": "f",
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