Commit b5198c85 authored by temok-mx's avatar temok-mx
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nomad-FAIR#273: changes to accomodate new entry ,,x_qe_extra_SCF,,

parent 4157d084
......@@ -7,6 +7,15 @@
"relativePath": "meta_types.nomadmetainfo.json"
"metaInfos": [
"description": "Extra SCF without electronic history at the end of relaxation. Triggered in magnetic simulations when relax converges to non-magnetic solution",
"name": "x_qe_extra_SCF",
"dtypeStr": "b",
"shape": [],
"superNames": [
"description": "Name of program from Quantum Espresso suite",
"name": "x_qe_program_name",
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