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Draft: Resolve "Updating electronic-parsers and fixing tests"

Closes #1208 (closed)

  • update to latest version of electornic-parser
  • fix the previously bypassed tests

failing cases:

  • tests/parsing/[parsers/siesta-tests/data/parsers/siesta/Fe/out] FAILED
  • tests/parsing/[parser/fleur-tests/data/parsers/fleur/out] FAILED
  • tests/parsing/ FAILED - this is easy to fix this

test cases with errors:

  • tests/normalizing/ ERROR
  • tests/normalizing/[parsers/siesta-tests/data/parsers/siesta/Fe/out] ERROR
  • tests/normalizing/[parser/fleur-tests/data/parsers/fleur/out] ERROR
Edited by Adam Fekete

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