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GUI bugfixes and improvements for beta release

Lauri Himanen requested to merge gui-polish into v1.0.0

Several GUI bugfixes and improvements, including:

  • Added search filter for xc_functional_names, enabled ES suggestion for xc_functional_names.
  • Fixed issue with aggregations requests using a wrong default size of 5 items when dealing with a fixed, enumerated set of options.
  • Removed statistics from author_name
  • Increased default statistics size of datasets.dataset_name to 10
  • Correct use of plural and singular form of results/result in the GUI through a generic utility function that can be also used to pluralize other values.
  • When pressing "show more" and not finding any new values, the "show more" button now is disabled and has a tooltip indicating that no more values are available.
  • Empty containers assigned as filters are now handled as if now value was assigned at all.
  • Sections are no longer suggested in the search bar and trying to set a value for a section from the search shows an appropriate error message.
  • Suggestions list is now cleared whenever the input field is cleared.
  • The periodic table statistics are now correctly updated when the periodic table is "anchored" in the statistics grid.
Edited by Lauri Himanen

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