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Updated GUI search layout

Lauri Himanen requested to merge search-layout-change into v1.0.0
  • Reorganized the menus so that each property-panel first has a simple list of present quantities followed by a more detailed section for properties that have more options.
  • Added search filter for polarized/non-polarized DOS and band structure.
  • Added method type filter for energy-volume curves.
  • The EELS search criteria are now shown in two different locations: method/eels and properties/spectroscopy/eels. If we can make a clear distinction between properties/method (e.g. is resolution set by the method, or is it determined from the result?) for EELS, we could modify the shown filters.
  • Updated the look of FilterSummary that contains the chips for each present filter: now the targeted metainfo name is always shown above the chips. This makes it easier to see which metainfo is targeted and also makes the nested and non-nested filters look exactly the same.
  • Added support for requesting aggregations for boolean fields (needed to show statistics for boolean search filters).
  • Fixed issue with InputSlider not being full-width.
Edited by Lauri Himanen

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