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GUI improvement

Lauri Himanen requested to merge gui-ideas-2 into v1.0.0
  • The suggestion list in the search bar now supports custom prioritization of items. I bumped up the priority of certain metainfo (elements, formulas, program name, author etc.)
  • Improved the layout for EntryDetails: still not perfect but better.
  • Added number formatting (=separators) for the number of results.
  • Improved the Quantity-component: now it automatically loads a preset based on the quantity name (this preset can still be overridden). This makes sure that quantities look identical no matter where they are used in the app. E.g. the quantities shown by EntryDetails and OverviewView were slightly different before, now they are identical and require less config.
  • Added formatting for timestamps in the results list.
  • Completely redesigned filter menu headers (see screenshot):
    • The new headers are separated into two "levels": There is a topmost level that shows the common filter panel actions and can also show an overline title text. The second level is reserved for information and actions that are specific to the currently shown menu: it shows the menu title and can also show a list of actions.
    • The resource (entries or materials) targeted by the currently active search context is now shown in the overline text of the main filter menu. This resource was not shown explicitly before e.g. in "Search your own data" or the dataset search page. If we want to enable materials search for these pages, it would be natural to make this simple title into a dropdown menu.
    • The overline text in the submenu now shows the number of results. This allows the user to directly see the number of results when the submenu is open, but the number of results is never visible twice.
    • I added a checkbox for directly filtering for method_name in the DFT, GW and EELS menus. With the new layout, there is now space for adding this checkbox along with other actions if needed.
    • The filter header is now "sticky": it will not scroll along with the options. This ensures that the actions and the number of results are always shown.
  • Added better scaling defaults for statistics.
  • Now the "show more" button tracks the aggregation call and will be disabled when the items are loading (previously it was just disappearing incorrectly and there was no way to track the status of an individual aggregation request).
  • Fixed issues in the statistics item sizing: InputList was sometimes loading an incorrect number of items and the title was overflowing in some extreme cases.
  • I added quantities also to the materials index because the new Archive search panel was broken for materials search. If this causes ES space issues we could consider removing this data and then disabling the Archive search in materials search.
  • Fixed issue with handling value changes in InputRadio.
  • Added caching for dataset search page.


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