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Search statistics

Lauri Himanen requested to merge search-statistics into v1.0.0

Added statistics to the search interface:

  • The periodic table, checkbox options, and dropdown options now show statistics on the background with bar plot together with an abbreviated count.
  • Most filters can be "anchored" to the search results page. In this mode, they show an interactive statistics view. The anchored statistics can be reorganized and they are serialized/deserialized to/from the query string.

Some small changes related to conflicts when merging with datatable:

  • In API.js I changed the PropTypes for the APIProvider. When a component accepts children, I always use just PropTypes.node: this supports also list of renderable elements, no need to add arrayOf(PropTypes.node).
  • In useScrollResults I don't use debounce for the first hook call, because otherwise, it will wait for half a second on the initial load which is significant for reducing Time to Interactive.
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