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Fixed ferrocene deconstructor and added other deconstructing rules

Dinga Wonanke requested to merge 1795-mof-rules-for-ferrocene into develop

We added some new rules to make the porosity normaliser to become more robust in its deconstruction procedure. The following changes were included.

  1. We added new changes to better deconstruct system containing ferrocene. we discovered that although ferrocene is contains a metal, it is still and organic ligand consequently ferrocene building units will now be classed under organic sbu and organic ligand.
  2. We also added a rule to deconstruct -COS systems. Initially the we deconstructed only from the metal-Sulphur bonds for such systems. Ideally, we need to break at the metal-carbon bonds for the sbus. So we have now fixed this.
  3. Finally the deconstructor was not robust for systems containing metal-O-R-CO2-metal. We have not fixed this.

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