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Encyclopedia merge

Lauri Himanen requested to merge encyclopedia-api into v0.8.4

This merge request will:

  • Fix the list of Encyclopedia bugs in #372 (closed)
  • Added KeyCloak authentication and error reporting to Encyclopedia as per #377 (closed). I cannot really test the error report sending through email, as if I try to configure an email server, the CI tests do not pass (CI runner is not able to connect to the email server). So once running on the cluster with correct email config, the email error reporting needs to be tested.
  • Updated WIEN2k parser to a version that reports structures correctly.
  • Updated MatID to the latest version with some bugfixes.
  • Added the smallest test data (~3MB) and parser test for elastic that I could find in the repository.

In order for all the changes to be correctly included, full processing would be needed. In practice, however, only the following codes are primarily affected:

  • FHIaims
  • WIEN2k
  • Phonopy
  • exciting
  • QuantumEspresso

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