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Resolve "Parsing tabular in the root level"

Amir Golparvar requested to merge 1456-parsing-tabular-in-the-root-level into develop

Closes #1456 (closed)

Reworking the tabular parser to have a better visual in both GUI and performance on the python side:

  • Allow each data_file quantity to populate multiple (sub)sections in column, row or entry mode separately,
  • Allow parsing the quantities in the root level of the TableData
  • Remove the "root" mode. No longer necessary,
  • Unnecessary inheritance of the TableData class in the sub_sections under mixed mode,
  • Remove target_sub_section annotation,
  • Add the option to the entry mode to allow creating new entries out of individual (sub)sections,
  • Add a ReferenceEditQuantity field in the root level of the TableData to reference the freshly created entry
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