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GW and BSE method normalizer

Jose Pizarro requested to merge 1316-gw-and-bse-method-normalizer into develop

Method normalization related with #1316 (closed).

Main changes:

  • Added ExcitedState in results. Base class for results.method GW and BSE.
  • Added method normalization for BSE and DFT+BSE, as well as generalizing GW and DFT+GW.

List of changes:

  • Grouping GW and BSE as much as possible into base classes with names ExcitedState. This will be further useful when parsing TDDFT calculations.
  • MethodNormalizer has been changed: new defined abstract class for ElectronicMethod, with the method to_simulation. This populates results.simulation.method for each specific electronic technique we currently have (DFT, GW/BSE, Projection, DMFT).
  • Included BSE FilterMenu for the GUI under GW. This contains both BSE.type and BSE.solver as well as DFT+BSE and DFT+GW+BSE1 metainfo (XC functionals, basis set names, GW Hedin type).

  1. Thought there is currently not this DFT+GW+BSE workflow being defined or parsed, this is in my TODO list. For now I kept it as a possibility in the metainfo, but will revisit it soon.

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