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GUI cleanup

Generic GUI cleanup with the following fixes and additions:

  • Fixed issue in chemical_formula_reduced and chemical_formula_anonymous: these were not reduced before correctly
  • Fixed issue in chemical_formula_hill: the ordering of formulas with hydrogen and no carbon was incorrect
  • Added chemical_formula_iupac
  • Added examples within the placeholder of some search fields, e.g. all chemical formulas
  • Changed explore menu layout
  • Changed app bar layout
  • Changed filter menu layout
  • Changed structure_name = perovskite definition
  • Changed the filter menu layout
  • Removed some dysfunctional/unnecessary metainfo from the filter menu: functional_type, compound_type, material_name, method_name, worklow_name
  • Renamed structural_type to dimensionality in the GUI

Closes #1260 (closed), #879 (closed), #520 (closed)

Edited by Lauri Himanen

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