Commit f7bc99ea authored by Markus Scheidgen's avatar Markus Scheidgen
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Fix archive query default for res_type.

parent 02179525
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......@@ -114,8 +114,7 @@ archives_from_query_parser.add_argument(
name='res_type', type=str, help='Type of return value, can be zip of json.',
location='args', default='zip')
......@@ -142,7 +141,7 @@ class ArchiveQueryResource(Resource):
args = archives_from_query_parser.parse_args()
compress = args.get('compress', False)
res_type = args.get('res_type', 'zip')
res_type = args.get('res_type')
except Exception:
abort(400, message='bad parameter types')
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