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## Performance considerations
If you run the OASIS on a single computer, like described here (either with docker or bare
linux), you might run into problems with processing large uploads. If the NOMAD worker
and app are run on the same computer, the app might become unresponsive, when the worker
consumes all system resources.
By default, the worker container might as many worker processes as the system as CPU cores.
In addition, each worker process might spawn additional threads and consume
more than one CPU core.
There are multiple ways to restrict the resources that the worker might consume:
- limit the number of worker processes and thereby lower the number of used cores
- disable or limit multi-threading
- limit available CPU utilization of the worker's docker container with docker
### Limit the number of worker processes
The worker uses the Python package celery. Celery can be configured to use less than the
default number of worker processes (which equals the number of available cores). To use just
a single core, you can alter the worker service command in the `docker-compose.yml` and
add a `--concurrency` argument:
command: python -m celery worker -l info -A nomad.processing --concurrency=1 -Q celery,calcs,uploads
See also the [celery documentation](
### Limiting the use of threads
You can also reduce the usable threads that Python packages based on OpenMP might use to
reduce the threads that might be spawn by a single worker process. Simply set the `OMP_NUM_THREADS`
environment variable in the worker container in your `docker-compose.yml`:
### Limit CPU with docker
You can add a `deploy.resources.limits` section to the worker service in the `docker-compose.yml`:
cpus: '0.50'
The number refers to the percentage use of a single CPU core.
See also the [docker-compose documentation](
## NOMAD Oasis FAQ
### Why use an Oasis?
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