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Added a new proof of concept metainfo library impl.

parent 62629fe5
from typing import Dict, List, Any, Union, Type
import json
class Units():
def __getattribute__(self, name):
return name
units = Units()
class Definition():
class Property(Definition):
class Quantity(Property):
def __init__(
name: str = None,
description: str = None,
parent_section: 'Section' = None,
shape: List[Union[str, int]] = [],
type: type = None,
unit: str = None,
derived: bool = False,
repeats: bool = False,
synonym: str = None): = name
self.parent_section = parent_section.m_definition if parent_section is not None else None
self.derived = derived
self.synonym = synonym
def __get__(self, obj: 'MetainfoObject', type: Type):
if obj is None:
# access on cls not obj
return self
if self.derived:
derive_method = getattr(obj, 'm_derive_%s' %, None)
if derive_method is None:
raise KeyError('Derived quantity %s is not implemented' %
return derive_method()
elif self.synonym is not None:
return getattr(obj, self.synonym)
return obj.m_data.get(, None)
def __set__(self, obj: 'MetainfoObject', value: Any):
obj.m_data[] = value
def __delete__(self, obj: 'MetainfoObject'):
del obj.m_data[]
def __repr__(self):
base =
if self.parent_section is not None:
return '%s.%s' % (str(self.parent_section), base)
return base
class Section(Definition):
def __init__(
name: str = None,
parent_section: 'Section' = None,
repeats: bool = False,
extends: 'Section' = None,
adds_to: 'Section' = None): = name
self.parent_section = parent_section.m_definition if parent_section is not None else None
self.repeats = repeats
def __get__(self, obj: 'MetainfoObject', type: Type):
return self
def __repr__(self):
base =
if self.parent_section is not None:
return '%s.%s' % (str(self.parent_section), base)
return base
class Reference(Property):
class Enum:
def __init__(self, values: List[Any]):
self.values = values
class MetainfoObjectMeta(type):
def __new__(cls, cls_name, bases, dct):
cls.m_definition = dct.get('m_definition', None)
for name, value in dct.items():
if isinstance(value, Property): = name
value.parent_section = cls.m_definition
cls = super().__new__(cls, cls_name, bases, dct)
if cls.m_definition is not None:
if is None: = cls_name
return cls
class MetainfoObject(metaclass=MetainfoObjectMeta):
Base class for all
def __init__(self):
self.m_data = dict(
def m_create(self, section_definition: Type['MSection'], *args, **kwargs) -> 'MSection':
Creates a sub section of the given section definition.
section_cls = section_definition
definition = section_definition.m_definition
sub_section = section_cls(*args, **kwargs)
if definition.repeats:
self.m_data.setdefault(, []).append(sub_section)
# TODO test overwrite
self.m_data[] = sub_section
return sub_section
def m_get_definition(self, name):
Returns the definition of the given quantity name.
descriptor = getattr(type(self), name)
if descriptor is None:
raise KeyError
elif not isinstance(descriptor, Property):
raise KeyError
return descriptor
def m_to_dict(self) -> Dict[str, Any]:
Returns a JSON serializable dictionary version of this section (and all subsections).
return {
key: value.m_to_dict() if isinstance(value, MetainfoObject) else value
for key, value in self.m_data.items()
def m_to_json(self) -> str:
return json.dumps(self.m_to_dict(), indent=2)
def m_validate(self) -> bool:
Validates this sections content based on section and quantity definitions.
Can be overwritten to customize the validation.
return True
def __repr__(self) -> str:
return self.m_to_json()
class Run(MetainfoObject):
m_definition = Section()
class System(MetainfoObject):
The system is ...
m_definition = Section(parent_section=Run, repeats=True)
n_atoms = Quantity(type=int, derived=True)
atom_labels = Quantity(shape=['n_atoms'], type=Enum(
Atom labels are ...
atom_species = Quantity(shape=['n_atoms'], type=int, derived=True)
atom_positions = Quantity(shape=['n_atoms', 3], type=float, unit=units.m)
cell = Quantity(shape=[3, 3], type=float, unit=units.m)
lattice_vectors = Quantity(synonym='cell')
pbc = Quantity(shape=[3], type=bool)
def m_derive_atom_species(self) -> List[int]:
return [[label] for label in self.atom_labels]
def m_derive_n_atoms(self) -> int:
return len(self.atom_labels)
class VaspSystem(MetainfoObject):
m_definition = Section(adds_to=System)
vasp_specific = Quantity(type=str)
run = Run()
system = run.m_create(System)
system.atom_labels = ['H', 'H', 'O']
system.atom_positions = [[0, 0, 0], [1, 0, 0], [0.5, 0.5, 0]]
system.cell = [[1, 0, 0], [0, 1, 0], [0, 0, 1]]
system.pbc = [False, False, False]
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