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......@@ -107,7 +107,7 @@ the instances of a sub section.
A `Quantity` definition is a special and concrete `Property` definition:
- `shape`, a list of either `int`, references to a dimension (quantity definition), or limits definitions (e.g. `'1..n'`, `'0..n'`.)
- `type`, a primitive or Enum type
- `type`, a primitive or MEnum type
- `unit`, a (computed) units, e.g. `units.F * units.m`
- `derived_from`, a list of references to other quantity definitions
- `synonym`, a reference to another quantity definition
......@@ -187,7 +187,7 @@ class System(MSection):
atom_labels = Quantity(
Atom labels are ...
......@@ -42,7 +42,7 @@ Starting example
A Defines the number of atoms in the system.
atom_labels = Quantity(type=Enum(, shape['n_atoms'])
atom_labels = Quantity(type=MEnum(, shape['n_atoms'])
atom_positions = Quantity(type=float, shape=['n_atoms', 3], unit=Units.m)
simulation_cell = Quantity(type=float, shape=[3, 3], unit=Units.m)
pbc = Quantity(type=bool, shape=[3])
......@@ -209,7 +209,7 @@ Custom data types
.. autoclass:: DataType
.. autoclass:: Enum
.. autoclass:: MEnum
.. _metainfo-reflection
......@@ -275,6 +275,6 @@ A more complex example
from .metainfo import MSection, MCategory, Definition, Property, Quantity, SubSection, \
Section, Category, Package, Environment, Enum, Datetime, MProxy, MetainfoError, DeriveError, \
Section, Category, Package, Environment, MEnum, Datetime, MProxy, MetainfoError, DeriveError, \
MetainfoReferenceError, DataType, MData, MDataDict, Reference, MResource, m_package, \
......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
import numpy as np
from datetime import datetime
from nomad.metainfo import MSection, MCategory, Section, Quantity, Package, SubSection, Enum, Datetime, units
from nomad.metainfo import MSection, MCategory, Section, Quantity, Package, SubSection, MEnum, Datetime, units
m_package = Package(links=[''])
......@@ -82,7 +82,7 @@ class VaspRun(Run):
m_def = Section(extends_base_section=True)
x_vasp_raw_format = Quantity(
type=Enum(['xml', 'outcar']),
type=MEnum(['xml', 'outcar']),
description='The file format of the parsed VASP mainfile.')
......@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ import nomad_meta_info
from nomad import utils
from nomad.metainfo import Definition, Package, Category, Section, Quantity, SubSection, \
Environment, Enum, Reference, MSection, units
Environment, MEnum, Reference, MSection, units
T = TypeVar('T', bound=Definition)
......@@ -246,7 +246,7 @@ class LegacyMetainfoEnvironment:
elif isinstance(definition.type, Reference):
dtype_str = 'r'
result['referencedSections'] = []
elif isinstance(definition.type, Enum):
elif isinstance(definition.type, MEnum):
dtype_str = 'C'
elif type(definition.type) == np.dtype:
dtype_str =[0]
......@@ -20,6 +20,7 @@ import inspect
import re
import json
import itertools
import numpy as np
import pint
import pint.unit
......@@ -56,14 +57,26 @@ class MetainfoReferenceError(MetainfoError):
# Metainfo quantity data types
class Enum(list):
""" Allows to define str types with values limited to a pre-set list of possible values. """
def __init__(self, *args):
class MEnum():
"""Allows to define str types with values limited to a pre-set list of possible values."""
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
# Supports one big list in place of args
if len(args) == 1 and isinstance(args[0], list):
args = args[0]
# If non-named arguments are given, the default is to have them placed
# into a dictionary with their string value as both the enum name and
# the value.
for arg in args:
if arg in kwargs:
raise ValueError("Duplicate value '{}' provided for enum".format(arg))
kwargs[arg] = arg
self._values = set(kwargs.values()) # For allowing constant time member check
self._map = kwargs
def __getattr__(self, attr):
return self._map[attr]
class MProxy():
......@@ -181,7 +194,7 @@ class _QuantityType(DataType):
- python build-in primitives: int, float, bool, str
- numpy dtypes, e.g. f, int32
- a section definition to define references
- an Enum instance to use it's values as possible str values
- an MEnum instance to use it's values as possible str values
- a custom datatype, i.e. instance of :class:`DataType`
- Any
......@@ -190,10 +203,10 @@ class _QuantityType(DataType):
if value in [str, int, float, bool]:
return value
if isinstance(value, Enum):
for enum_value in value:
if isinstance(value, MEnum):
for enum_value in value._values:
if not isinstance(enum_value, str):
raise TypeError('Enum value %s is not a string.' % enum_value)
raise TypeError('MEnum value %s is not a string.' % enum_value)
return value
if type(value) == np.dtype:
......@@ -221,7 +234,7 @@ class _QuantityType(DataType):
if value is str or value is int or value is float or value is bool:
return dict(type_kind='python', type_data=value.__name__)
if isinstance(value, Enum):
if isinstance(value, MEnum):
return dict(type_kind='Enum', type_data=list(value))
if type(value) == np.dtype:
......@@ -789,8 +802,8 @@ class MSection(metaclass=MObjectMeta):
'The value %s for quantity %s does not follow %s' %
(value, quantity_def, quantity_def.type))
elif isinstance(quantity_def.type, Enum):
if value not in quantity_def.type:
elif isinstance(quantity_def.type, MEnum):
if value not in quantity_def.type._values:
raise TypeError(
'The value %s is not an enum value for quantity %s.' %
(value, quantity_def))
......@@ -1055,7 +1068,7 @@ class MSection(metaclass=MObjectMeta):
elif type(quantity.type) == np.dtype:
elif isinstance(quantity.type, Enum):
elif isinstance(quantity.type, MEnum):
elif quantity.type == Any:
......@@ -1273,7 +1286,7 @@ class MSection(metaclass=MObjectMeta):
if type(value) == np.ndarray:
value_shape = value.shape
if isinstance(value, list) and not isinstance(value, Enum):
if isinstance(value, list) and not isinstance(value, MEnum):
value_shape = [len(value)]
value_shape = []
......@@ -1467,7 +1480,7 @@ class Quantity(Property):
The `type` can be one of:
- a build-in primitive Python type: ``int``, ``str``, ``bool``, ``float``
- an instance of :class:`Enum`, e.g. ``Enum('one', 'two', 'three')``
- an instance of :class:`MEnum`, e.g. ``MEnum('one', 'two', 'three')``
- a section to define references to other sections as quantity values
- a custom meta-info :class:`DataType`, see :ref:`metainfo-custom-types`
- a numpy `dtype`, e.g. ``np.dtype('float32')``
......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@ from import chemical_symbols
from elasticsearch_dsl import Keyword, Integer, Float, InnerDoc, Nested
import numpy as np
from nomad.metainfo import MSection, Section, Quantity, SubSection, Enum, units
from nomad.metainfo import MSection, Section, Quantity, SubSection, MEnum, units
def optimade_links(section: str):
......@@ -42,7 +42,7 @@ class Species(MSection):
chemical_symbols = Quantity(
type=Enum(chemical_symbols + ['x', 'vacancy']), shape=['1..*'],
type=MEnum(chemical_symbols + ['x', 'vacancy']), shape=['1..*'],
a_optimade=Optimade(entry=True), description='''
A list of strings of all chemical elements composing this species.
......@@ -99,7 +99,7 @@ class OptimadeEntry(MSection):
elements = Quantity(
type=Enum(chemical_symbols), shape=['1..*'],
type=MEnum(chemical_symbols), shape=['1..*'],
a_optimade=Optimade(query=True, entry=True),
......@@ -217,7 +217,7 @@ class OptimadeEntry(MSection):
# TODO assemblies
structure_features = Quantity(
type=Enum(['disorder', 'unknown_positions', 'assemblies']), shape=['1..*'],
type=MEnum(['disorder', 'unknown_positions', 'assemblies']), shape=['1..*'],
a_optimade=Optimade(query=True, entry=True), description='''
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