Commit 0b45651f authored by Markus Scheidgen's avatar Markus Scheidgen
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Merge branch 'v1.0.0_hotfix' into 'v1.0.0'

v1.0.0 hotfix for broken env.js

See merge request !468
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......@@ -251,10 +251,10 @@ window.nomadEnv = {{
'keycloakRealm': '{config.keycloak.realm_name}',
'keycloakClientId': '{config.keycloak.client_id}',
'debug': false,
'encyclopediaBase': {config.encyclopedia_base if config.encyclopedia_base else 'undefined'},
'encyclopediaBase': '{config.encyclopedia_base if config.encyclopedia_base else 'undefined'}',
'aitoolkitEnabled': {'true' if config.aitoolkit_enabled else 'false'},
'oasis': {'true' if config.keycloak.oasis else 'false'},
'version': {json.dumps(config.meta.beta) if config.meta.beta else dict()}
'version': {json.dumps(config.meta.beta) if config.meta.beta else dict()},
'globalLoginRequired': {'false' if config.oasis.allowed_users is None else 'true'}
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