Commit 73ac0fa6 authored by Thomas Purcell's avatar Thomas Purcell
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Convex Hull Loss function test fails

Must be from copying into the sorted matrix since model node tests work
parent 9dbdf7ac
......@@ -128,6 +128,7 @@ namespace
prop_sorted_d_mat::initialize_sorted_d_matrix_arr(2, _task_sizes_train.size(), 4, std::vector<int>(4, 20));
std::copy_n(, _task_sizes_train[0], prop_sorted_d_mat::access_sorted_d_matrix(0));
std::copy_n(, _task_sizes_train[0], prop_sorted_d_mat::access_sorted_d_matrix(1));
std::cout << prop_sorted_d_mat::access_sorted_d_matrix(1)[0] <<'\t' << prop_sorted_d_mat::access_sorted_d_matrix(0)[0] << std::endl;
void TearDown() override
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