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Update bib for the paper

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......@@ -3,6 +3,18 @@ Any changes to this file will be lost if it is regenerated by Mendeley.
BibTeX export options can be customized via Options -> BibTeX in Mendeley Desktop
author = {Xu, Chuanqi},
title = {{chuanqixu/SISSOkit: Modules for cross validation, evaluation and plot of SISSO}},
url = {},
urldate = {2021-09-15}
author = {Waroquiers, David},
title = {{Matgenix/pysisso: Python interface to the SISSO (Sure Independence Screening and Sparsifying Operator) method.}},
url = {},
urldate = {2021-09-15}
author = {Ouyang, Runhai},
title = {{GitHub - rouyang2017/SISSO: A data-driven method combining symbolic regression and compressed sensing toward accurate {\&} interpretable models}},
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