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let image be changed via environment

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Use deploy to deploy the analytics toolkit.
--docker-skip to avoid building the docker image
--update-docker to build a new docker image and update version_to_deploy
--tsl to use the secure connection for helm
With minikube do
......@@ -11,10 +11,15 @@ With minikube do
machine specific deploy:
# labtest-nomad
cd /nomad/nomadlab/servers/labtest-nomad/beaker-manager/deploy
./ --tls --env labtest-nomad --update-docker --secret-web-certs web-certs > deploy.cmds
# labdev-nomad
cd /nomad/nomadlab/servers/labdev-nomad/analytics/beaker
./deploy/ --env labdev-nomad --target-hostname labdev-nomad --secret-web-certs web-certs --debug
./deploy/ --env labdev-nomad --target-hostname labdev-nomad --secret-web-certs web-certs --debug > deploy/deploy.cmds
development machine, deploy mirroring the filesystem, you might need to manully execute npm install in the container to if you update packages
......@@ -10,6 +10,11 @@
"k8component": {
"image": "IMAGE_DEFAULT"
"imageSubtype": "IMAGE_SUBTYPE"
"imageReStr": "IMAGE_RE_STR"
mongoDb: {
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